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Pregnancy month by month

Follow your baby’s development from conception to birth. There’s a new life growing inside you!
Physicians count the beginning of a pregnancy from the first day of your period, but the life of an embryo starts 14 days later. So there is a two-week difference between when the pregnancy begins and the age of the embryo. Your due date is calculated starting from the first day of your period.

Month 1:

You become pregnant when the successful sperm meets the egg. Thus begins the miracle of life. The nuclei of the mal...

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Month 2

At 22 days, your embryo resembles a seahorse. It does not have a face yet, and the brain is unprotected. The heart ta...

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Month 3

Your fetus is now in the stage when it is developing organs. Your baby measures about 4 inches and weighs 1.6 oz. ...

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Month 4

Once you enter your fourth month, your risk of a miscarriage is greatly reduced. The fetus is comfortably floating in...

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Month 5

In the 20th week, your fetus is about 10 inches long and weighs around 9 oz. Its sensory perception is getting be...

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Month 6

Your fetus is about 12.5 inches and weighs 1 lb, 12 oz to 2 lb, 1 oz. It is now producing growth-inducing hormones...

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Month 7

In this month, your baby will gain about 1 lb 2 oz and measure around 13.75 to 15 inches.  The baby will then gai...

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Month 8

At eight months, your baby weighs 4 lb, 7 oz to 5 lb, 8 oz, and measures around 12 to 17 inches. You baby is start...

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Month 9

The 36th week: It's the home stretch. Your baby is about 13.5 inches long and weighs 4 lb, 7 oz to 6 lb,1 oz. It w...

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