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Workshop the physiology behind maternal carrying

How should I carry/hold my baby?

The way you hold your baby affects the development of her mental and motor skills.

In order to feel safe, your baby needs to sense that her body is being well supported. Whether in your arms or a carrying device, you need to think about the baby’s physiology so she can successfully organize her brain and feel free to move as needed.

Perhaps it’s time to nurse, drink a bottle, or take a trip or a walk. Your newborn has to adjust to the position, which she can’t easily change yet by herself.

If you adapt to her physiology and needs, you are helping your baby feel secure.

In these carrying workshops, I explain the different ways to carry and hold your baby:

  • How do you hold her in your arms to convey safety?
  • What’s the best way to position a baby in a scarf or sling?
  • How do you choose the right scarf carrier?
  • Which sling should you get and why?
  • Which baby carrier is right for me?

Come attend this wonderful sharing experience and meet other parents.

Feel free to contact me for upcoming workshop dates.

Personal one-hour workshop: €80

One-hour workshop with 2-3 couples: €40